alina rodriguez joins artfront galleries board of directors

Artfront Galleries is happy to announce that Alina Rodriguez has agreed to join our Board of Directors.  Alina Rodriguez was introduced to Artfront Galleries in 2014, when our founder, Timothy Dingman, contacted her family-owned property management firm, JAR Realty.  The hope was to secure a space for the Open Doors artwalk sponsored by the Newark Arts Council. As an avid champion of entrepreneurial and inter-disciplinary collaboration, Alina quickly realized the opportunity this strategic alliance presented in creating value for the Greater Newark community.  Since this first meeting, Alina has aided in providing our 501(c)(3) temporary spaces for three successfully executed art galleries in the Lower Broadway district of Newark, NJ and continues to identify potential spaces for us.

With her experience in the property management industry, Alina brings an increased business orientation in the areas of strategic planning, project management, financial analysis, and risk assessment. We are confident her skills will greatly contribute to our goal of making Newark the next East Coast art destination. Welcome, Alina

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