Hopefully you have marked your calendars for Wednesday, December 13 for Art & Asanas III at the Urban Meld gallery,.  25 Halsey St. in Newark.  This free yoga class will begin at 7 PM and we will reward you with some wine for your efforts afterwards. You don’t even need to bring your mat. There is street parking and a five dollar parking lot directly across the street.

You can also take inspiration from over 30 pieces of high quality art by nine Newark area artists.

Our instructor, Jai Ortiz, promised ius something very special for the evening setting the mood with lighting and music.  Below is what he is planning in his own words.


LIFE of the Party 


Think about you’re initial reaction when invited to a party…
Are you just showing up to the party ?  Or are you the LIFE of the party? 


Truth is, a majority of people just “show up” to the party

The Truth is, we are really meant to stand out; Be the LIFE of the party 

What if everyone brought their own LIFE to the party? 

It would be the most amazing, interactive, True Party


Come join a close examination of the self, mind + body through Pranayama + Meditation + Vinyasa. We will take the body through a 60 minute. journey with the intention of being the LIFE of the Party (practice) for ourselves & each other.  


This is your invitation !

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