Artfront Galleries is proud to announce the opening of its 10th show of 2018 – Dishabille.  Artfront does this with 5 volunteers, a 4 figure budget, and sheer determination

The definition of Dishabille is the state of being only partly or scantily clothed.  In others words this exhibition is a celebration of the human form in all its perfect imperfections through a variety of media.  The artists so far include Rafael Cuello, James Curran, Ester Gygory, Latinsilver, Sabina Mollot, Janet Morgan, and RoByn Thompson.

The opening reception will be Friday, Sep 28 , 6 – 9 PM at the One Bloomfield Place gallery space. Note this is around the corner from 95 Broadway.  Dishabille will also be one of 7 galleries that Artfront is producing during the Newark Arts Festival.

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