Artfront Galleries is keeping out summer series going with our latest gallery Phantasm. What is a Phantasm? The definition below will give you some idea.

 “a dream, illusion, fantasy; apparition, ghost, phantom” , and directly from Latin phantasma “an apparition, specter,” from Greek phantasma “image, phantom, apparition; mere image, unreality, to bring to light, make appear; come to light, be seen, appear; explain, expound, inform against”

As you can see this gave the artists wide creative license in conceiving their works for this project.  As of this writing we have 10 local artists and over 30 pieces of work in a variety of media. The artists participating are: Jeanine Alfieri, Nanette Beachner, Brian Cicalese, Marina Cicalese, Rafael Cuello, Don DePaola, Stanley Gavidia, Janet Morgan, Anna Muniz, Jae Quilan, and RoByn Thompson.

Come join us for the opening reception on Friday, June 20 from 6 PM to 9 PM in the gallery space located at One Bloomfield Place Newark..

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