artfront galleries now a fully recognized 501(c)(3)

Artfront Galleries became a New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation on April 29, 2016 and as of May 9th the IRS has recognized us as a 501(3)(c).  This is  important milestone which will better position us to continue our mission of "activating vacant spaces with artistic vision". We will no longer require a fiduciary partner as we apply for grants to fund our projects.  Also any monies contributed to Artfront Galleries by organizations or individuals is tax deductible.

We have always operated on a strictly not for profit basis. However, the basics to mount a successful show - promotional materials, gallery supplies, liability insurance, to say nothing about the requisite "cheap white wine" - are not free. Now that we can develop a a comprehensive funding strategy look for Artfront Galleries to bring more high quality art to the under served neighborhoods of Newark and its environs.

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