Artfront Galleries a New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation (501(c)3) is engaged in producing multi-week, pop up, not for profit art galleries using vacant or under used spaces in Newark, NJ.  In 2015, Artfront Galleries won a grant from the Newark Arts Council.  We used that to fund 5 exhibitions in 2015.  So far this year, we have done two shows.  We are planning five more galleries to coincide with the “2016 Open Doors” art crawl October 20 to 23,.  We have room for 30 to 40 artists.  We are especially interested in work by women and Latino/Hispanic artists who we feel are underrepresented in the established Newark art scene.  Our goal is to select 70% of the artists from Newark and 30% from the NJ/NY region to attract visitors to the City.

Our basic model is to find and secure vacant or under used space then develop a theme under our brand Urban Evidence.  Our work mainly takes place outside the Center City which we view as being well resourced.  Our projects are part Jane Jacobs, the 60’s “Urbanist” whose ideas resurrected the East Village and part Edward Manet who defied the Paris Salon in 1870. Our goal is to give artists new venues to display and sell their work.  In addition, we wish to revivify blighted neighborhoods through the transformative value of art while giving underserved populations access to enriching cultural experiences.

If you would like to show or possibly curate with Artfront Galleries, please see out web site or contact us at

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