BLENDED BEINGS, The Exhibition – Curated by Susanna Plotnick and Janet Morgan

Do you make art about mythical hybrid creatures such as mermaids, satyrs, animal headed Egyptian gods?
Are you a blended being yourself, a mixture of races, cultures, genders?
What is beautiful, intriguing or painful about being a blended being or making art about them?

The ancients found it natural to imagine and create mythical creatures that were a combination of several animals, or human and animal, because they believed that all of life is interconnected.
As modern blended beings, we may not feel this interconnectedness, as our dual heritages or preferences may seem to clash, making us feel that we don’t belong anywhere, are not accepted anywhere.
Yet, being a blended being can provide the insight, understanding, joy, humor and possibility that we celebrate in this show.

The exhibition will be at the Artfront Gallery at 1180 Raymond Blvd., Newark or a space nearby.

We will be producing a full color catalog for this show, so the deadlines are important.
For work that is accepted a 300 dpi image at 8” at the widest will be needed for printing.

Show date: February 3rd to March 3rd, 2023
Opening with performances Friday February 3rd. 5-9pm.

Submission deadline: November 15th, 2022
Acceptance email: December 1st, 2022

Submit up to 5 images by emailing them to
Jpegs at 72dpi, 1000 pixels longest side. Please label jpegs yourname-title.jpg.
Art must be ready to hang.
For proposals for performances send a written proposal and supporting materials. and

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