Open call for EXITentialism! On September 16th Artfront Galleries will be opening its doors for our premier fall art show! EXITentialism will challenge your view of reality and leave you questioning life’s purpose.

Artfront Galleries has been a regular exhibitor during the annual Newark Arts Festival. We look forward to our participation this year and featuring our artists to a large public audience.

EXITentialism will be on display at Eleven80 Raymond Boulevard in Newark, New Jersey until October 14th. This show is being curated by Artfront Galleries Board President Susan O’Rourke and Board Member Dr. Joseph Putrino. All exhibited work will be featured online and in a catalog for purchase.

An EXIT is a way out or a portal to another place or realty. Existentialism is a philosophy whose core principles include ultimate personal freedom and authentic experience.

Candidates for EXITentialism should submit works that demonstrate an authentic experience or connection to life’s origin or purpose. Whether through color, shape or abstraction, we’d love to see submissions that materialize the idea of purpose through visualization. – i.e.surrealism, magical thinking, dadaism and more!

This show will be a field trip through the inner workings of the mind!

If interested, please submit images to

Accepted Submission Format:

– Images must be JPG format and at least 300 dpi.

-The naming convention for each image is artist_title_dimension.jpg.

Unfortunately work not meeting these parameters cannot be considered

Deadline for submission is Friday August 5, 2022.

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