Artfront Galleries a NJ Nonprofit Corporation is engaged in producing pop-up art galleries using vacant or under used spaces in Newark NJ.  Our goal is to revivify blighted neighborhoods through the transformative value of art while giving underserved populations access to enriching cultural experiences. Additionally, we are proud to give talented local artists opportunities to display their work and hopefully make sales.

For the Fall of 2017 we are planning 7 – 10 shows ranging from 3 days to 3 months beginning in September.  All will be under our overarching theme of Urban Evidence.  We have room for a LOT of quality art.

This is an open call to artists in all visual media to submit work for review.  Special consideration will be given to artists in the greater Newark area.  All artists: must submit proper documentation; deliver and pick up their work on time; and, present their work “ready to hang”. There are no jury or hanging fees.  Should your work sell, Artfront Galleries takes a 20% commission,

If you are interested please submit images of your work to, DO NOT use Messenger on Facebook.  Include your contact information along with media, dimensions, and pricing. The deadline for submission is August 18, 2017.  Our curators will review your work and contact you with next steps if successful.

Good Luck

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