dispatches fro eastern europe

If you have been following Artfront Galleries on Facebook, you know that myself (Susan O’Rourke) and Timothy Dingman have been on a 3-month sabbatical in Budapest Hungary.  We have been privileged to be able to immerse ourselves in a culture that has over a two-thousand-year history of supporting and respecting the arts.  Sadly, the arts in the U.S. do not enjoy the same level of appreciation.

In addition to cultural immersion, one of our goals was to find local artists interested in showing with Artfront Galleries in Newark, NJ in Spring 2017.  On a recent side trip to Szentendre Hungary we went to the Old Goat Gallery and discovered the work of Eszter Gyory.  We spent a pleasant afternoon and found both Eszter and her work to be satirical, provocative, thought provoking, playful, and, cheerful verging on manic. Best of all Ezster, who has shown her work internationally for 4 decades, was very enthusiastic about exhibiting some of her more recent works with Artfront Galleries.

Stay tuned for further _mg_9287crop.  We have included Adam and Eve to pique your interest.


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