For the Spring and Summer 2016 seasons, Artfront Galleries is considering the following programs in the Lower Broadway and Halsey St. areas.

Sip and Paint

Rafael Cuello, graduate with a BA in Art Rhode Island College, and local visual artist, will supply canvas, paint and expertise.  We will supply the standard art gallery grade white wine or you can bring your own.  This is the only project for which we will ask donations from the public – $15.00 to cover the cost of material (and wine).  We hope to introduce you to our Pop-up Gallery project and give you the chance to create an acrylic on canvas painting of your own.

Digital Photo Work Shop

This workshop will cover the history, physics and, chemistry of photography up to the digital age.  Included will be an understandable explanation of the correlation among, shutter speed, “F” stop and ISO (virtual film speed).  Also covered will be recommendations for a coherent work flow to help you store, retrieve and print your image files.  Bring your digital point and shoot, bridge or DSLR.  Professional photographer and educator Tim Dingman will conduct the workshop.

Grant Writing for Artists and Curators 

Susan O’Rourke, director emeritus of logistics for Ernst & Young and Principal of Art Grant Writing, lays out the ground rules for finding and applying for grants at the foundation, city, county and state levels in New Jersey.  Susan has successfully written grants for local arts groups in Newark.

We would appreciate your feedback on these proposed programs and would consider any suggestions for other workshops that would benefit the arts community in Newark.

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