Artfront Galleries is planning a new exhibition called Phantasm.  This is an open call for artists to be considered for this gallery. Submissions in all media are welcome. Selected artists must deliver their work on time ready for presentation i.e. mounted with wire on the back for hanging.

If interested, please submit images to  Include information on media, dimensions, and sale price. Note that Artfront Galleries collects a 20% commission for any work sold. The deadline for submissions is Friday, June 8.

To get your creative juices going below is some background on the word phantasm.

13c., fantesme, from Old French fantosme “a dream, illusion, fantasy; apparition, ghost, phantom” (12c.), and directly from Latin phantasma “an apparition, specter,” from Greek phantasma “image, phantom, apparition; mere image, unreality,” from phantazein”to make visible early, display,” from stem of phainein “to bring to light, make appear; come to light, be seen, appear; explain, expound, inform against; appear to be so.

We look forward to seeing some amazing art.

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