Plans completed for urban outsiders opening September 9

The first of Artfront Galleries 5 Fall 2016 multi-week popup art galleries will be Urban Outsiders which is an all photography gallery. The location is the Waterfront Recreation Center, 2 Grafton Avenue in Newark and will debut the new state-of-the-art hanging system the Newark Housing Authority installed in cooperation with Artfront Galleries.  The reception will be from 6 until 8 PM and secure parking is available. This gallery will also be part of the Newark Arts Council's Open Doors 2016.

Urban Outsiders will  contrast images of Newark taken by established local artists with artists experiencing the city for the first time.  A truly unique feature is the background of some of the artists displaying. Several of the artists have been identified as developmentally disabled or diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder. You the viewer will not know who they are. Their work stands alone.  These are artists who happen to face a challenge rather than a labels who do art as"therapy".

All the work will be on sale with 80% of the proceeds going directly to the artist and 20% to Artfront Galleries to help us continue our work of "activating vacant spaces with artistic vision". Below is a sample of the photos that will be displayed. Take a look and see if you can identify the artist with the challenge.

DSCN3201 ORourke_Newark Faces V

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