375 Mt. Prospect Ave, Unit 7 AE Newark NJ 07104
    (201) 455 – 9979
    Hereafter known as Gallery

    Hereafter known as Artist

    Hereby enter into the following agreement:
    Artist consigns to Artfront Galleries the works of art listed on attached inventory for the purposes of exhibition and sale. Artfront Galleries shall not permit the artworks to be used for any other purposes without the consent of Artist.

    Artist hereby warrants that they created and possess unencumbered title to the artworks.

    Artist and the Artfront Galleries agree that the term of the consignment is to be from to . Artist will not request return of the artwork before the end of this term.

    The Artfront Galleries will make all reasonable efforts to keep safe consigned artworks. Artist agrees to hold the Artfront Galleries harmless in the event of damage or loss to the artworks during the term of consignment agreement.

    Artfront Galleries is ultimately responsible for final artwork selection and the manner in which it will be displayed. Artworks may be photographed for promotional purposes with credit given to the artist.

    Upon sale of an artwork, the Artfront Galleries will notify Artist. Artfront Galleries shall sell the artworks only at the retail price specified on the inventory sheet unless authorized by the Artist. Artfront Galleries will pay Artist upon receiving payment in full from the buyer 80% of sale price,

    The Artist shall arrange for the return of the artwork within 1 week of the close of the exhibition. Artworks left at Artfront Galleries after 60 days of the close of the exhibition will be considered abandoned.




    Artfront Galleries







    I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions set forth in this document.


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