As an extension of the Sound, Image & Pride show that took place in collaboration with NJ Symphony a video project emerged with one of their very talented engineers – Dan the Man is what I call him. The video speaks of art and music as a safe space for the LGBTQ community. Dan remixed a classical music score incorporating voguing beats and we had local dancers from the vogue/ballroom scene dance to it.

This video was done in true pop up fashion with 2 hours to shoot interviews and dance. We had the opportunity to shoot at Ironside Newark thanks to their team. The dancers heard the song that same afternoon and choreographed the dance in only one hour. The video also displays art work from the Pride shows we produced this year.

We are already discussing expanding this video , including more interviews and future event footage with hopes to enter it into an LGBTQ short film festival next year. This has also opened the doors to future video collaborations with the NJ Symphony.

The full video will be presented on NJ symphony’s Youtube page this evening at 8pm:

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