In anticipation of the opening of The Divine Feminist on March 22, Artfront Galleries President, Susan O’Rourke, shared her thoughts on the subject.

The Divine Feminist is infinite, but for centuries the dominant patriarchal cultures have demeaned and removed the Divine Feminist from her rightful place of reverence. However recently she is emerging from the shadows into the collective consciousness and beginning to receive the veneration and devotion she deserves.

The Divine Feminist has many archetypes each with their unique expression – Goddess, Priestess, Warrior, Temptress, Mother. They are all personifications of energies, virtues, and principles that drive and inspire the human collective. Together these archetypes represent the ultimate level of feminine manifestation in the universe.

It is only when the Divine Feminist is returned to her rightful place that the true integration with the Divine Masculine within each of us can begin.  To bring these two energies into harmony is our evolutionary and spiritual challenge.

In the Divine Feminist Artfront Galleries seeks to give voice through a variety of media to these enduring archetypes.  It is hoped that the experience of the viewer confirms that the emergence of the Divine Feminist is not antagonistic to the Divine Masculine but rather complementary. It is only when these lifeforces come together that real progress can be made in achieving an egalitarian society open to all ways of being.

Image – Morphine Magic by Robin Glassman

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