Artfront Galleries founder and CFO, Timothy Dingman, is well known in the Newark arts community for his dedication to activating vacant spaces through the transformative value of art. What few people know is the equally important work he does with developmentally disabled young adults.

Twice a week he teaches digital photography at Marblejam Kids in Bergen County. As part of his curriculum Tim takes his students to different venues outside the classroom. They have included the Newark public library and the sculpture garden in Leonia. Most recently they took a trip to the Bergen County Equestrian Center which was covered by the local press. You can see the article in the image attached to this post.

Tim believes the most important part of this project occurs when his students work is presented intermingled with other artists work in several Artfront Galleries shows. He believes there’s an important distinction that these are artists who just happen to have a disability rather than these are disabled people who do art.

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