Urban Exegesis is the 5th in the series of “Urban Evidence” shows produced by Artfront Galleries since October of 2015.  All of the material in these shows express the influence of urban living on the artists, themes, media and content.  This may be expressed as sophistication, cynicism, rejection of societal norms or the pure energy that comes with urban life.

The term exegesis is most commonly associated with Biblical studies.  The history, geography, archaeology, institutions and languages of the “Holy Land.”  Many students first encountered the term in the works of Fr. Frediano Giannini (OFM).  He presented the Old and New Testament as non-legalistic exegetical texts in classical rabbinic literature; collections of Aramaic, haggadic midrash; essentially, a collection of parables.  

Exegetes study, contemplate, attempt to understand and explain.  They tease out the threads of the fabric of their study; they do not weave it. They do not proselytize; they do not preach. Think of the artists in this exhibition as exegetes and the works as midrash.

Urban Exegesis is Curated by JO-El Lopez.  The exhibition opens in conjunction the with Grinder’s Market  on June 4th at:

                                              The Cage

                                               317 Mt. Pleasant Ave

                                               Newark, NJ 07104




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