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Artfront Galleries’ original idea was to fill space on Lower Broadway and Halsey St. in the Spring.  We understood the Paterson Art Walk might not come off and the Art scene in Newark was in hibernation.

A pop-up gallery, despite the name, simply does not spring forth from the ground.  It is a multi- step process: find space; find time; and, find artists.  Make sure that what art you gather is confrontational and challenging because that is what the public in Newark deserves. Also required is ongoing follow-up with the artists regarding submission criteria and deadlines.

Finding the space is actually the hardest of the three.  We were working on the space at 51 – 53 Halsey St with the good will of the property owner, Jose Rodriguez. The idea was to have two curators for each of two sides of the building and more work in the adjoining courtyard.

Last year Ras Baraka told a gathering of artists to find maker space and the city would help make it happen. The city officials we worked with were well intended. The inspector made time in his overbooked schedule to come see the space.  However, everything took longer than was efficient and in the end we could not get the necessary permits for this “maker space” to work.

Watch this space.  Artfront Galleries will have several shows this Spring.

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